UPcoming features

Mouse Movement

Instead of using your keyboard simply just point and click with your mouse to move your avatar around.



Instead of walking across the map in its entirety or manually switching to a different room, enter a portal and you’ll be able to instantly teleport between the map, rooms, and even events. 


Mobile App

iPhone and Android mobile apps are currently in development. Soon you will be able to seamlessly transfer over from desktop to mobile, taking your avatar with you everywhere you go. 

Custom Invitation

Instead of sharing the event info manually, soon you will be able to go to the event listing, select share to get an invite link and blast it out to all your friends. 


Sonar Ring Audio Animation

You’ll be able to get a visual representation of just how far your voice and video are traveling with the upcoming sonar ring animation. No more fearing if people can or can’t hear you.


Private Conversation 

Ensure a truly private chat with private mode. You’ll be able to click on any person’s avatar (s) and have a completely private chat no matter where you are. Even if others are around you, the private mode allows you and your selected peers to have a conversation that is completely private even if your avatar is in the presence of others.


Content Collab

Screen share for meet i2i is called “content collab” and is coming soon. With content collab, users can share browser sessions and share control. When multiple users are controlling one piece of content, you can see where each user’s unique mouse pointer is looking. Additionally, users can be sharing multiple pieces of content with one another simultaneously.


Wizard Staff

Hosting an event or leading a meeting? Soon the power of the wizard staff will allow event admins to control the volume of all team members, indicate when it is time to return from small discussions or talk to everybody at once no matter where they are located within the map. The ultimate tool to control your event!


Avatar Attention

If a user has audio or video turned off or is not fully engaged i.e. on their phone or not on full screen, their avatar will reflect accordingly. Soon you’ll be able to know who's really paying attention and who’s not.


Group Movement

If you’re feeling extra lazy you’ll soon be able to select a friend/avatar to “stick to” and your avatar will automatically move wherever they go. A new meaning to walk and talk. 


Mirrored Movement

If you wanna raise your hand to ask a question, show off your latest yoga poses, or anything in between. Just do so and your avatar will mimic. Our body tracking technology will track your movements through your webcam so your avatar will do the same.

Dating i2i

Have no fear, dating i2i is coming soon!  Help us help you find your love and meet with like-minded singles ready to mingle i2i.


User Designed Map

Soon you will be able to enter your own lobby. This is your personal space to save and customize any space you’d like in order to invite your friends at a later time.


Map Builder

You’ll be able to create and save your own personalized and customized space. Invite your friends and meet on any ol’ occasion you’d like. Completely free for groups of up to 8, for a max of one hour per session. $15/user/month after that.


Social Hub

A social hub where you can meet and invite your friends to just hang out, play some trivia, or even board games. For now, just invite your friends to your particular event with its name and password.

“Hey Riley” Assistant

Riley, our beloved mascot of  Tyler's Mystery Tours which spawned meeti2i in the wake of COVID, is also a man’s best friend within i2i. Train your personal assistant to help facilitate your events. 


More Languages

We are currently developing automatic language translation and closed captioning for our platform to be used seamlessly across the globe.


Where should we submit requests for new features?

Via our general contact form. We will make sure to get it directed to the party or person needed to accomplish your request. For most requests, we’ll make sure to get back in contact with you within 24 hours.