Organized into 3 sections & searchable:

How To - Contains instructions on using the platform including how to log-in, join, create, and host events with plug-and-play maps & the Map Editor (link to tool & instructions)

General & Accounts - Information on user accounts, pricing, features, and policies.

Troubleshooting - Mitigation steps related to AV issues and running the application.


My camera and/or microphone aren't working. What do I do?

Upon joining an event and room, it will take about 3-5 seconds for video and then audio to connect. In the meantime, you should expect to see a light blue loading screen in place of video feeds. Your video feed will appear in the top-right corner and you can focus on it by hovering your mouse pointer over it. If your camera or microphone is not working, try the following: 1) Close all apps accessing your camera and microphone, including Meeti2i. 2) Ensure your camera and microphone are connected and operating normally. Either verify via system settings or simply open a previously functioning video chat app. 3) Ensure Meeti2i is permitted for camera and microphone access. For installs, open your system settings to ensure permissions. For the web app, make sure you have granted access to both the microphone and camera by clicking on the lock icon 🔒next to the URL when open. If either isn’t yet enabled, enable them. 4) Consider a system restart to close any running background operations. 5) If running the Web App, try an incognito window to mitigate add-on or cache issues. 6) Turn off VPNs. If audio is echoing for yourself or another user: For the user that is causing echo, close Meeti2i, plug in a wired headset, and reopen Meeti2i. If issues persist, contact us for assistance.

How do I close out of the app?

Select the Blue Diagonal Arrow Button on the top-right of the screen to minimize and then close the app.

Meeti2i is running slow or freezing. What do I do?

If you are experiencing lag, freezing, or drop-outs, then computer resources or bandwidth are the likely issues. There are a few things you can do: 1) You should try turning off the camera in the settings on the upper left settings menu. Click on the camera icon to toggle cameras off. 2) Ensure your system meets the following minimum requirements: 6GB Ram, 30MBPS Download 5MBPS upload, 2.4GHz Intel Core Duo. 3) Close all other intense processes on your system, or even restart your system to end background processes. 4) If using the web app, ensure you are using Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. Safari is not advised due to intermittent audio issues. Try an incognito window to mitigate add-on or cache issues. 5) Within Meet i2i, try turning off peer-to-peer video chat to save bandwidth and resources. You'll still be able to move around and communicate with audio. To do so: Within an event, click the i2i logo on the top-left and then select the first button to turn your camera off. If issues persist, contact us for assistance.

I'm running the web app and Meet i2i is displaying poorly. What should I do?

Meet i2i is only known to display improperly in the web app when browser zoom is not set to 100%. Ensure your zoom is set to 100% and refresh the page.

I can't seem to open the app :/ Please help!

If you are having issues opening Meeti2i, please be sure to follow the directions on the Launch Page. In particular, ensure unzipping of the download and allowance of the unknown publisher. If issues persist, consider a full system restart to close any background processes, and then try to open Meeti2i again. If attempting via the web app, try an incognito window to mitigate any add-on complications. If issues persist, please Contact Us for assistance.

How do I pick up items?!?

To pick up items, click on them with your mouse once your avatar is within arm's reach. Press "i" on your keyboard or select the Treasure Chest Button to see your invetory items. Note that free users can only pick up 1 of each item, so no hoarding :p

Audio is echoing! Please help!

If audio is echoing for yourself or another user: 1) Mute other users to find the user causing echo. 2) For users causing echo, first try turning down your volume or using a wired headset. If the wired headset doesn't work upon pluggin in, close and reopen Meet i2i to detect the new input.

How To

How do I create and host events?

To create events, log in and then complete the following steps:

  1. From the starting lobby, select the Blue Door Button and then the Create New Event button.
  2. In the Event Details section, enter an event name and password. An event password is required. Remember these details for your attendees!
  3. For each room to be added:
    1. Only the Room Name is required.
    2. The Password is optional. For rooms without passwords, all event attendees will be permitted to join.
    3. The Radius Chat, if unentered, will default to 5 & is in scale of avatar height. This defines the proximity for audio and visual communications for attendees.
    4. Max Players will dafuault to 8 for video-chat enabled rooms, or 40 for audio-chat enabled rooms.
    5. Optionally, select a map configuration via the Settings Wheel Button.
    6. If a map configuration selected contains portals, select the Portal Button and drag each portal to its destination.​ Scroll through available rooms with the Right Arrow Button.
    7. Finally, select the + Button to add the room.
  4. Once all rooms have been added, if portals between rooms are needed, edit each room as needed to connect portals accordingly.
  5. Finally, select the " Create Event" button.
-- Congrats, you've created an event! Join it via the Blue Door Button. -- --- Share the event name and password with your attendees for them to join ---

How do I use the Plug-and-Play Maps?

To use the plug-and-play maps, when creating an event, use the Settings Wheel Button to select one. Maps that start with "EG" are for plug-and-play use and include: EG Office Escape - A very simple example escape room. When creating, simply use the portal button to drag the portal at the oasis to the portal at the center of the office. Before attempting, invite friends to go head-to-head. It should only take you 3-5 minutes! EG Moon Race - A simple race on the moon! When creating, use the portal button to drag the portal at the top of the largest dome to any portal of an open pair, then drag from that pair's partner portal to another portal of an open pair, until completing the circuit at the bottom of the dome. Invite friends and find embedded race directions. EG Board Game - A social board game for 3 to 6 players for 30 minutes. No portals connecting needed. EG Performance - A draft venue for an open-mic. Connect the starting pool portal to the audience portal. More plug-and-play maps to be released! Stay tuned :)

How do I sign up & log in?

First, install and open Meet i2i via the Launch Page. Please follow the directions on the page. If installation is not feasible, you may also open i2i via the web app (also linked on the Launch Page), although features and functionality will be limited. ​Upon first opening the desktop or web app, you will be prompted with a login screen. For first time users, select Sign Up to create an account. Verify your email and then Log In. Upon logging in, you can adjust your avatar, practice moving around in the 2D environment with WASD (recommended) or the arrow keys, and join or create events with the Blue Door Button.

How do I use the Map Editor?

The Map Editor is a tool for customizing events. It populates maps with text, hyperlinks, browser window pop-ups, items, portals, and more. Head to the Map Editor page for a step-by-step guide on using the tool.

How do I join & leave events?

Upon signing up & logging in, within the Starting Lobby join events with the Blue Door Button with the password provided by your host.​ For info on our Open-World you can join anytime, head to the Launch Page. Within events, to leave select the Red Door Button via the i2i Logo Button, and you will return to your Starting Lobby.

How do I move my avatar?

To move your avatar, use the WASD keys of your keyboard. Note: While the arrow keys will also work, they are not recommended to permit mouse usage. Your mouse allows you to interact with others and the environment. To use portals, move to them and press Enter. To change rooms via the Room List, select the Blue Door Button and the desired room. Note: Some rooms will be password protected.

How do portals work?

Portals connect rooms within an event. They can be put anywhere on a map and connect to any other, without the need to directly return to the same portal. They can be used to drastically streamline an event, as well as for games, races, and the like. Portals are connected during event creation. Per room added, use the Portal Button to drag each portal to its destination. All users can easily try portals out with the Plug-and-Play Maps!

General & Accounts

How much does Meet i2i cost?

Pricing ranges from free to custom. Hosting is free to try and only $15/month for a basic subscription. For large events, Contact Us for custom pricing. As a guest joining events, meet i2i is most commonly free or included in your ticket price. Head to our Features & Pricing page for more information on pricing.

Why do I need an account to use Meet i2i?

An account helps ensure security for all users, and allows user data such as nicknames (aliases), avatars, and inventory items to be stored between sessions. You can always delete your account data by selecting the trash icon on the account pop-up button, or by contacting info@meeti2i.com. Learn more in our Terms & Conditions.

What types of events can Meet i2i host?

Meet i2i can host any live event, mimicking in-person events with customizable venues and natural interactive functionality. If your event includes guests, typically occupies a physical location, and/or has content to be delivered, it can be created and enhanced in Meet i2i. Some events we have hosted and tested thus far have included scavenger hunts, office meetings, networking events, classes, competitive games (like races and tag), escape rooms, happy hours, bingo nights, performances, immersive plays, and that's just skimming the surface! Some of our event goals are to host free small-business conferences,multi-stage music festivals, field trips through space and time, and so much more! Have an event need or idea you'd like? Please complete a Request for Proposal or Contact Us to start collaborating post-haste!

Where can I find your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be found here. Meeti2i does not use user data for anything outside of our basic technical needs. Your information is secure and protected, and can be deleted by you at any time.

What are your security safeguards?

We take your information security very seriously. We follow U.S. standards for information security, utilizing stable, secure tools such as Google Firebase and AWS. Read more about privacy and security in our Privacy Policy.