Built for Ease & Flexibility

Easy to Use


With User-Friendly Event Building Tools & Natural Interactions including Spatial & Visual Freedom & Direct Eye Contact

Free to Try!



Create Plug-and-Play Events in just 5 button clicks. Scalable & Customizable for simple to complex event needs.

Open Worlds


Join our open-world "Infinity" to discover our demo town with embedded social games.

Top Features

  • Scalable with up to 100 rooms per event, 8 users per Video Chat enabled room and 40 users per Audio-Only Chat room

  • Broadcast to showcase an attendee in 1080p video to an entire event:

    • ​Viewers may view half-screen (shown) or full-screen

    • Audio features 48kHz sampling and up to 192 kbps streaming rates

  • Internal Browser with Video Chat Overlay

  • Event wide Text Chat (sub-groups coming soon)

* Broadcast and Browser features are currently only supported on installs (which are highly recommended), not the Web App


User-Friendly Event Building Tools

event creator-ANIMATION.gif
map editor-ANIMATION.gif

  • Event Creator (within the Meet i2i app) - Build events with rooms, maps, and portals. Create events in as little as 3 to 5 button clicks with our Plug-and-Play Maps. Learn how via the "How To" section of our FAQ.

  • Map Editor - Create maps with custom content, including text, hyperlinks, and browser popups, items, and portals. Even update events in real-time while they occur! For paid users only.

  • Customizable - Order custom assets such as maps, avatars, gamification, & interfaces with a Request for Proposal.


  • Natural Interactions - To be Intuitive & familiar for users:

    • Spatial Freedom - Orients and allows users to simply move in 2D environments to enter and exit conversations, just like real-life!

    • Visual Freedom - Conveys and allows the attention of users on one another, for Direct Eye Contact (patent pending).

    • Proximity Settings - Hosts control audio and video proximity settings per room to define how close users can see and hear one another.

  • Windows, Mac, & Web Apps (mobiles coming soon).

  • Built with security, privacy, & stability in mind with UnityWebRTCFirebaseAWS, and Agora.