Getting Started

Q. Where can I access the latest version of Meet i2i?

A. For groups of up to 8, access the latest free version through and go to the “Demo” tab or click here. For larger groups, please do inquire for custom pricing.

Q. Is Meeti2i free?

A. We are currently offering free beta access for groups of up to 8, whether it be for your office, friend group, or class! For groups more than 8, contact us to see how we can customize your conference, team-building event, or anything in between!


Q. Does it matter what browser I use?

A. Chrome is recommended for web access.  If you are having issues please close other browser sessions (especially Safari) or try an incognito window, as browser extensions, cache, and history may interrupt connections. As with all web apps, stability is inconsistent and user experience is best with groups of 8 or less. For more stable experiences, download the mac or windows install.


Q. Do I need an account to use Meeti2i?

A. Yes, an account is required. This helps ensure security for users, and also allows your user data such as nickname (alias) and avatar selections to be stored between sessions. You can always delete your account data by selecting delete on the account popup button or contacting

Q. How do I join an event?

A. To join an event, simply select one from the list and enter the password given to you by the event administrator. In the near future, you will be able to just follow the invite link straight to your event. 

Slated for release 8/21/2020


Note: All events require a password, so make sure to get that from the event administrator beforehand.

Q. How can I invite others to my event?

A. Just copy and paste the link and let your peers know the name and password of your event and you’ll see them there in no time. Very soon you will be able to go to the event listing, and select share to get an invite link.

Slated for release 8/21/2020


Q. How difficult is this?

A. So easy anyone can do it, all you need to do is move around with your arrow keys and mouse. 

Q. How do I pick up items?

A. Make sure your avatar is within arms reach and click on it with your mouse. Press “i” to see your inventory and hover your mouse over items to see their attributes.

Q. Can I mute myself or someone else?

A. You can mute yourself or others by clicking the audio icon 🔉by your own or your peer's video feed. 


Q. How can I view my inventory?

A. View your items by pressing “I” on your keyboard.

Q. How can I drop items out of my inventory?

A. Open your inventory with “i” and simply drag and drop whatever items you don’t want or need. 

Q. How can I access Meet i2i from my phone or tablet?

A. Iphone and android mobile apps are currently in development. Prior to release, our platform is limited to our desktop site and installations. 

Slated for release 8/21/2020

Q. How do I close out of the app?

A. From within the web app, hit escape on both Macs and PC. 


On the windows install, hit alt+f4 to close or alt+tab to change to another open window


On a Mac, bring your mouse to the top of the window and exit by clicking on the “x”