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Our team loves working with journalists from around the world to share compelling, unique stories. If you’re a member of the media and would like to talk, please get in touch with the appropriate team or send an email to press@meeti2i.com.


Only media inquiries will receive a response. If you’re a Meet I2i community member and have a question about the site, please visit: meeti2i.com/faq.

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Our Assets

Download our logos, videos, screenshots and other assorted media.

 How To Use The Meet i2i Brand


These guidelines contain recommendations for the various ways you can use the Meet i2i name, logos, and language in your materials without having to have your people call our people.


We have included some examples of work so you can see how it comes together as well as links to assets you can download and use.



The Meet i2i lockup is available in two formats: vertical and horizontal. The full-color vertical lockup is the preferred treatment to use whenever possible. Lockups must be used as shown. It is not permitted to modify provided artwork or use pieces of the lockups independently.


There are five vertical versions: 

1. Vertical Full-color        2. Vertical Full-color Reversed 

3. Vertical One-color    4. Vertical One-color Reversed

5. Mono-Chrome


The Meet i2i logo reflects our aspiration to be viewed as a platform that represents a genuine and human experience online.

COLOR (PRIMARY)                                                     COLOR (REVERSED)





GREYSCALE                                                                     BLACK & WHITE


Lockup Formats


The horizontal lockup should be used for wide applications—when vertical space is limited. Lockups must be used as shown. It is not permitted to modify provided artwork or use pieces of the lockups independently.


There are six horizontal versions: 

1. Horizontal Full-color            2. Horizontal Full-color Reversed 

3. Horizontal Full-color W/White Font    4. Horizontal One-color

5. Horizontal One-color Reversed        6. Horizontal Mono-Chrome


Primary Full-Color w/Name





Primary Reversed w/Name








Color (Primary) w/White Name



White on Black (One Color) w/Name




Black & White (Reversed) w/Name



Monochrome w/Name


Logo Primary Usage 


The Meet i2i logo matches the aspiration of our brand identity, inspiring and inclusive. The “M” in the wordmark should be used as a spacing guide. The logo should never be smaller (height) than 0.3 inches in print and 75 pixels in digital. The logo should always be placed on a contrasting background, avoiding any type of busyness or color vibration.



The primary preferred usage is Full Color on white. 


Alternate version is Full Color on Green background with White font.




Other light backgrounds may be used as long as legibility is maintained.




On dark backgrounds reverse the “meet i2i” text in white.






Don’t use against colored backgrounds or follow the guidelines on page 6 for dark colored backgrounds.







The Meet i2i Lockup


Our lock-up is the final form of our logo with all of it's elements locked in their relative positions. For the sake of maintaining consistency in all mediums, the lock-up should not be taken apart or altered in any way. Our lock-up was designed to create a sense of cohesion between the elements.


The spacing of each element is precisely considered. Never alter this spacing.


Name Usage in Text


The Meet i2i theme name should be written as follows in text, using this specific formatting:


Meet i2i® People, Present in the Moment.


On first use of the name in a document, both in heading/title and in body copy, include the registered trademark symbol (®), the SM trademark symbol, and The People, Present in the Moment. In subsequent appearances, the name may be shortened to Meet i2i. 


When used in a full sentence, use commas to offset the sponsorship: Meet i2i, People, Present in the Moment, is setting out to inspire a more human way of interacting on the internet.


Tagline Usage In Text


Use of the tagline in text is optional. It should be written as follows, using this specific formatting:

The Best Human Connection Online.


Use all lowercase except in headlines or subtitles where the document style guide calls for initial caps.

Minimum Clearance Space


The minimum clear space (safety zone) around the lockup is equal to the height and width of the "m" in the FIRST wordmark.


Never alter the spacing within the lockup.








Logo Alternative Usage


The Meet i2 logo will have alternative uses including wordmark standalone. The logo image in stand alone should be used sparingly (especially in the initial launch of the brand), a version where the logo image is positioned below the wordmark. These iterations should be used only in the event that the primary logo is not available to use (space, size, etc.). The “M” in the wordmark should function as a spacing guide, and the alternative logo still follows the rule for scaling and sizing.

Minimum Size(s)




Please adhere to the minimum sizes below when the Meet i2i logos are used digitally:

Horizontal logo minimum size: - 30 pixels tall


Vertical logo minimum size: - 60 pixels tall


For horizontal layout:

250 px x 150 px

350 px x 75 px

400 px x 100 px


For vertical (square) layout:

160 px x 160 px


Website header sizes

Full banner: 468 x 60 pixels


Favicon sizes for website

16 px x 16 px

32 px x 32 px

48 px x 48 px


Mobile app icon sizes

iPhone:                          180 x 180 pixels

Spotlight Search:     120 x 120 pixels 

Settings:                        87 x 87 pixels

iPad:                                152 x 152 pixels

Android:                        192 x 192 pixels

Windows:                      62 x 62 pixels

Below are all image dimensions for the leading social platforms for 2020 year



Link posts: 1200 x 628 px

Image posts: 1200 x 630 px

Cover image: 820 x 312 px

Profile image: 170 х 170 p



Image posts: 1024 x 675 px

Cover image: 1500 х 500 px

Profile image: 400 x 400 p



Image posts: 1080 x 1080 px

Profile image: 110 x 110 px

Stories: 1080 x 1920 px



Thumbnail image: 1280 x 720 px

Cover image: 2560 x 1440 px

Profile image: 800 x 800 px



Link posts: 1200 х 628 px

Image posts: 1200 x 1200 px

Cover image: 1536 x 768 px

Profile image: 300 х 300 px



Please adhere to the minimum sizes below when the Meet i2i logos are used in print:


500рх (or more) logo for small print (e.g., souvenirs) 

1024px logo (or more) for large print.


Horizontal logo minimum size:                              0.25 inches tall

Vertical logo minimum size:                                     0.5 inches tall


Very Small Applications


For very small applications, it is recommended to type Meet i2i® as text in Lato Bold.


Logo dimensions for Print and Merchandise:

Standard print size are for a mug is                   8.5 x 3 inches

US business cards are generally                         3.5 x 2 inches

The maximum print area for a t-shirt is          14 x 15 inches

Chest pockets are typically around                  4 3/8″ x 5 3/8″

Sheet sizes for billboards:                                     27 x 40 inches


The most common envelope sizes are


#10 envelope which measures                          4 1/8 x 9 ½ inches



A4 letter size                                                               210 × 297 mm

US standard letter size is                                      8.5 x 11 inches

A standard coaster size is                                     4 x 4 inches

Primary Color Palette 


The Meet i2i color palette is composed mainly of Blue and Orange with accent colors of varying shades blue, orange and green. To maintain brand consistency and avoid confusion, only use the established Meet i2i colors.


The RGB, or red, green and blue color wheel, which is designed for online use, as it refers to mixing light – like on a computer or TV screen.




The RYB or red, yellow, blue color wheel is typically used by artists, as it helps with combining paint colors. 



The Meet i2i Logo





CMYK:         CMYK            CMYK            CMYK

RGB:            RGB            RGB            RGB

RYB:             RYB            RYB            RYB

HEX:             HEX            HEX            HEX

PMS:             PMS            PMS            PMS

















Supporting Brand Elements


The Meet i2i wordmark and “Eye: icon element may be used as separate branding pieces but MUST NOT be the only representation of the logo. Either the Vertical or Horizontal logo MUST appear in its original designed configuration somewhere

in the materials.






The Meet i2i wordmark should NOT be used as a word in body copy/text. Text would be set in the same font as body copy and italics.    


meet i2i




These phrases are intended to be used as supporting elements of the Meet i2i brand to increase awareness of our mission.


Please adhere to the suggested use cases of each phrase when possible.


People, Present In the Moment.


Changing the way people connect online, via work, life, play, and learning.


This phrasing’s usage is suggested on materials intended for people with some knowledge of Meet i2i, but who are new to the community. This phrase may be used alone, such as in a title, or as part of a sentence.









DO utilize the full-color version of the Meet i2i logos when possible.



DO utilize the full-color reverse version of the Meet i2i logos on black or dark 





DO utilize the one-color reverse version of the Meet i2i logos on the Meet i2i background colors or on a dark background when a one-color reverse version is necessary.


DO utilize the one-color version of the Meet i2i logos on a white or light background when a one-color version is necessary.











DO NOT alter the logo in any way - including the icon and font. Logo files should be used as is.


DO NOT add anything to the logo, such as your organization’s name, or any

graphic elements.


DO NOT distort or skew the logo by adjusting the x or y axis independently. Always scale the logo proportionally.


DO NOT use the dark background logo on a light background or vice versa.


DO NOT put logos on busy or distracting backgrounds and colors.


DO NOT use pieces of the logo independently if the original vertical or horizontal logo is not represented nearby.


DO NOT crop out any elements of the logo or adjust the spacing around it.


DO NOT rotate or change the color of the logo.


DO NOT add a containing shape or border to the logo. Use the appropriate logo version.





















There are limitations in laser engraving, screen printing, embroidery, and small scale printing applications. Different vendors have different capabilities.

Consult the vendor to determine the best option.


We recommend the full-color vertical version of the logo for screen printing and embroidery.


Vertical logo minimum size: - 1.15 inches tall



Horizontal logo minimum size: - 0.6 inches tall






For very small applications, it is recommended to type Meet i2i®, or just the URL for the organization - www.meeti2i.com. The URL should be set in Lato or Roboto. The point size should be the maximum that can fit the application