Subscribing permits account access to the Map Editor and all other product features:


  • Naturally, Easy to Use with 2D Environments & Direct Eye Contact
  • 2D Environments - Customizable & easy to create, edit, navigate & modular
  • Direct Eye Contact - The only platform where individual users can actually look at one another and have direct eye contact confirmation (patent pending)
  • Scalable with up to 100 rooms per event, 8 attendees per Video Chat room, 40 per Audio-Only Chat room
  • Event Creator tool
  • Plug-and-Play Maps
  • Customizable - With the Map Editor tool & via ordering custom assets (Request for Proposal)
  • Broadcast a featured user to all others event-wide, bypassing the 2D spatial limitations imposed for typical & natural user interactions. Installs only
  • Internal Browser - Installs only. With Video Chat Overlay
  • Text Chat - Event wide with sub-groups coming soon!
  • Windows, Mac, & web apps - With mobiles coming soon!

Billed monthly, cancel anytime. Purchase for yourself and others.

    Monthly Subscription

    $20.00 Regular Price
    $15.00Sale Price
    • The file attached to this purchase is the Windows 1.5.0b install of Meet i2i (as a file is required by Wix for a virtual purchase). Head to the Launch Page for all downloads and methods to launch into Meet i2i.