The next evolution of human digital interaction has arrived, prepare to experience the most life-like virtual human connection possible with Meet i2i. Public health concerns around social contact and in person gatherings have left companies scrambling to maintain productivity and people everywhere seeking to sustain and create social connections, find themselves more reliant on current virtual tools, leading to an overwhelming amount of exhaustion and lost productivity. Let us show you how to seamlessly transition from in–person to online events, collaboration and social connection while eliminating the fatigue, common issues and limitations burdening other solutions. 


Click here to learn the science behind “Zoom Fatigue” and why It’s not our fault we feel drained and unproductive as a result of using the current platforms; our brains are not designed to communicate this way! 


Meet i2i brings digital interaction and virtual events to life with an array of unprecedented features.  Groundbreaking innovations like “Digital Eye Contact™ in a spatial dimension, creates an immersive environment filled with natural conversations and effortless collaboration.  Take our 3-minute demo experience of our intuitive design and see why traditional video conferencing is set to become a thing of the past, let's Meet i2i!  


Virtual Solutions for Individuals, Corporations, Schools, Conferences, Healthcare Providers, Media Events and Charities and more!


Meet i2i connects you to friends, family, and colleagues while having the most meaningful digital interactions possible! Compelling and engaging face–to–face interactions, large gatherings and focused collaboration are effortless with our platform.  


Our patent pending technology for digital eye contact is revolutionizing virtual human connection across the board, with innovative advances for corporate settings such as digital office hours and team building events. From commemorative occasions such as weddings or family reunions, to social engagements like birthday parties, concerts and festivals; we have developed the most life-like solution to fit your needs.


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Meet i2i is currently offering free beta access to our premiere virtual video communication & collaboration platform to individuals, social groups, and organizations.


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Virtual Conference Solutions and Digital Office Hours (Office i2i)    


Our customizable environments are perfect for hosting professional events like trade shows and conferences, or delivering interactive promotional and educational content, as well as facilitating cross team collaboration in a digital office.  With Meet i2i your social circle or team members can freely move in and out of conversations, participate in shared experiences, work toward team goals and start sharing content by simply initiating eye contact and walking up to a social gathering or workspace, just like in real life!